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Friday, May 13, 2011

An 8 Year Old Gets Botox. What's Next, Baby Fat Liposuction?

PHOTO: The mother of an eight year old girl is under investigation by the San Francisco Human Services Agency after they learned she had her daughter injected with Botox.I don't know if you've heard this yet, but the news is buzzing about   "pageant" mom, Kerry Campbell, who gave her 8 year old daughter botox for her "wrinkles." gets better.  She does the injections herself

First of all, WHAT WRINKLES?  She's 8!  Any wrinkles she may have are probably the result of embryonic slack left over from gestation. 

Then there is the mother's defense.  "She asked for it."  OOOOOOohhhhhhh....well then.  That changes everything.    I wonder if this defense could be used for crack addicts whose children want a "taste."

"Mommy?  I really want to try your crack."

"Well...I don't know Becky."

"Puh-leeze?  You do it!"

"Okay. ...but maybe you shouldn't inhale too deep on your first try.  Just a little."

Then I she afraid her daughter would pout on stage in front of the judges?  Better she not be able to show any emotion at all.  I've watched enough "Toddlers and Tiaras" to know that anything can happen on that stage and a frowny face don't getcha no crown.  A little botox would certainly fix that.

But what I really want to know is why a mother would EVER think it's okay to put botox in a small child?  I don't even give my 11 year old grown up tylenol!

Now I'm the last person to pass judgment on other mothers and fully support moms making decisions that work for their families...

BUT...Botox???!!!!  In an 8 year old?????   I thought of my own 8 year old girl.  Her doughy deliciousness and how don't even give her regular fruit - I buy organic!  It just feels SO inherently wrong and negligent to deliberately put toxic substances into your child for the purpose of "beauty" that when I read the story I felt my bile rise.

There are just so many places where this mom went wrong!

And now, she's being investigated and may have her daughter taken away.

But here's my quandry...I can't help but wonder, is taking her daughter away from her the answer?  There is no doubt in my mind that this woman was doing something really stupid.  She was clearly negligent and used just about the poorest judgment a mother could short of pushing her child off a tree to see if she could fly.  Even worse, she doesn't even think it's stupid and has no plans to stop the injections - not as long as her daughter "wants them."

But how much control over our parenting should the government have?  At what point do they have a right to police our choices.  If botox for children ISN'T illegal - just incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal - should her daughter be taken away?  Is that what's best for the child?

I'm not on either side, I just think that along with my "stomach bile" this issue raises a lot of questions.

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