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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kumba(f*ckin)ya...Or, "Camp and other Character Building Activities"

Camp is good.

Camp is where our children learn to live together - in peace and harmony.  They share bunks, break bread, and promise to be BFF's forever (yes, it's redundant...but they're 11...).

As parents, we send our kids to camp so they can learn about community, sharing and friendship.  All of the important traits that will help guide our children towards becoming responsible citizens and positive members of society.

Yes.  Camp is good.

The other day I dropped my oldest child off at sleep away camp where she'll be for 7 weeks.  I could feel the sense of "community" as I pulled up and through the gates festooned with banners saying "WELCOME BACK FAMILY!

I unpacked her bags, met and hugged lots of other parents, and waved goodbye to my oldest progeny as I headed toward my newly rented Nissan.

That's when I noticed the dent.  yes.  A big fat dent in the passenger side door of my car.  The car that was parked RIGHT outside my daughter's bunk alongside all of the other parent's car.

And no apology, information, or anything. 

Yes people.  A hit and run.  Smack dab on camp grounds in front of tons of people. 


SHARE WITH FRIENDS...OR Random Strangers...


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