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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mommy Lice



We got em.

In fact, we got 2 of them.  (Well, if you add mine, we have 5 total).  But that's not the point.  We have lice and it TOTALLY SUCKS!

It just figures that we would start a new school, I would instantly offend somebody and THEN we would get lice.  When I walk into a new situation, I really make an impression.

Yeah...I figure, why waste my time getting to know people - shaking hands, smiling and being friendly.  No.  Not when I can make my true self known by crashing in, offending other mothers  and passing around some kind of infestation.  Let them see who I am from the start!


So in addition to trying to get used to a new school, new people and a new schedule, my first week of school was spent driving back and forth three times from the local lice removal faeries (God Bless you Tipperary!), washing every piece of clothing we own, cleaning every towel (see photo for the HUGE pile of laundry I had to climb over to get to and from the kid's bathroom) stripping every bed (EVERY DAY) and topping it all off with a professional steam cleaning service coming in to debugify my sofas and carpets. 

I'm trying not to see this as some sort of biblical scale punishment for having insulted that mother, but it's hard. 

If we get a frog infestation, I'll know it's personal...

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