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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Things I am Thankful For This Year

1) My family: Because they are a part of me, and I am a part of them, and they "Complete me"...blah, blah, blah.
2) My boyfriend:  Because he makes me laugh every day and  if I don't say it, he won't give me a backrub tonight)
3) The invention of wine: God bless the first person ever to take a swig of really old grape juice.
4) Tee Tree Oil: My only defense in my battle against that most horrific of infestations...smelly children. 
5) Fine Corinthian leather: Why not?  And I like saying it.
6) Coffee: Because life doesn't start in the morning without it.
7) The Food and Drug Administration: For not outlawing coffee as a drug despite the fact millions of people are addicted to it.
8) Bubble bath:  Because no matter how old you are, how fat you feel or how crappy your mood, bubble baths are transformative.  And tickley.
9) Guinea pigs: Because they are big enough to pet and you don't have to walk them 4 times a day.
10) The roof over my head and food on my table: Because no matter how glib I may get or how down I may feel, I never EVER go to bed without taking a few minutes to realize how lucky I am.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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