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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Fine Art of Procrastination

I should be writing.  I've been sitting at my computer for 2 hours and I have lists and lists of things I really, really want to write about.  Things I KNOW would be fascinating and exciting to read.  PEARLS of entertainment I just KNOW I could bring to you...if only I actually wrote them.

But no.  Instead, I am sitting here with a friend of mine who is doing her Holiday Cards (btw she has an AWESOME card design company called Lo Lo Paper Treats...) while I "work" and we're Googling things like "World's Oldest Vegan." In case you're interested, some Vegan website says is 175 but we both agree that's total bullshit because the "World's oldest person" (which we had to look up next obviously) lived to 122.

You can see how productive we are.

Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

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