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Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Mom" is Not Another Word for "Diner"

Just sharing a little poem I felt compelled to write...


You'll eat what I make you for dinner.
Is that simply too much to ask?
Your helping of broccoli’s SO tiny
And there’s almost no milk in your glass.

You'll eat what I make you for dinner!
I’m not making you rice or some toast!
I won’t make you PB & J, or grilled cheese,
And I don’t have a chicken to roast!

I refuse to make any more pasta…
You’ve eaten it five times this week!
I KNEW if I tried a new recipe
The outcome would surely be bleak…

You'll EAT what I MADE you for dinner!!
We’ll sit here until it gets late!
Don’t squish it, or poke it or hide it -
I see it there out under your plate!

Some of everything there on your plate
That small piece of chicken, a few little peas,
Just a few tiny bites now…okay?!

I’ll get you some ranch for your veggies…
Put more ketchup all over your food…
Use some salt, use some cheese, do whatever you please
Just stop fighting…I’m not in the mood!

All I ask is you eat what I give you...
Meals to make you grow strong and be whole...
Just take one small bite, just one teeny taste…
Oh F*CK it....get your cereal bowl.

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