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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Day New a Fashion Cop!

So, I'm sitting here at my NEW desk (actually, it's an intern's desk...but I'm here now!) at my NEW job at E! TV's Fashion Police!

I'm writing online content for the website and new App (TO BE LAUNCHED SOON) and while I had no idea when it was going to start  - they offered me the job in October - I got the call last week I was starting this Monday.  Months of sitting around and I'm all psyched to be professional and stuff and they call and say "CAN YOU START MONDAY!" and I have to say "'s President's Day and ALL 3 of my kids are off from school.  Er...should I bring them?"  Typical.  Well, I didn't bring them and I had to work "remotely" from Huntington Gardens which where friends and I had planned on taking our kids, but they had NO WIFI and I had to type my posts into my iPhone

Anyway, I am psyched I have a reason to shower and dress.  Well, today I actually forgot to shower.  No joke.  I just got dressed like I do every day and realized...oops...should have know, because I'm going to be in an office.  But it was too late.  I already had pants on and that's a big step for me in the morning.  So I sit here.  Not quite as fresh as I'd like.

And it's so weird!!!

I haven't been in an office since my twins were born almost 9 years ago.

I parked myself at this intern's desk and some young guy poked his head over the cubicle and said "You the new intern?"

I said "Don't I look a little old to be an intern?"

He shrugged and extended his hand.  Wish I could remember his name.  He seemed nice.

Anyway, this is nothing like my office at Mattel or William Morris.  There are recent issues of Star Magazine on my desk, a copy of Kendra's autobiography and the person in the office next to me is watching "Family Guy."

I think I'm going to like it here.

Oh crap.  I just realized I forgot to pack my power cord for my computer.  I'd better get to work before my computer dies....

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