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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Night Fit For a Princess

Tonight was the Beverly Hills Community Father/Daughter dance at Greystone Manor.

Livi was so excited all day.  She actually got dressed when I asked her to.  She let me brush her hair, and she even let me put the prettiest sparkly flower clip in her hair.  She looked SO CLEAN CUTE!

Steven and a bunch of other dads all chipped in for a limo to take them all to the party.  You heard me.  A limo.  I know - it sounds so stupid.  SO overindulgent.  SO ridiculous.  And I thought it was at first too.  But if you saw the faces on these little girls, leaving for the party with their dapper daddies, you would have melted.  These girls didn't need Disneyland to feel like princesses.  They had a dream  date with the one man in their lives who wants nothing more for them than for them to have a happily ever after.

Hope you and your daddy had fun, Livi lu!

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