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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hibernation Really Interferes with Productivity...

Today's Iranian New Year.  I know this because our school is OFF for Iranian New Year!  YAY IRANIAN NEW YEAR!

Now I have all three kids sitting home today even though I still have all of my usual work to do for Fashion Police.  Yeah, this is going to be an interesting morning.

I figure I need to keep everyone busy so I can know...on my Fashion Police posts - not Mommy Lite stuff...that would be procrastinating.  And I want to do my work because I am REALLY liking it!  Last week got to call Nicky Minaj a Hot Troll Doll.  (This job really has "me" written all over it!)

I figure I'll ask all the kids to do their school work.  That'll keep 'em busy.

Livi and Ben have a big book report due - so that works well for me.  That could easily take up a couple of hours if I really milk it and force them to be neat and spell correctly.

Ben finished his report this morning while I slept in.  Okay.  It bought me an extra hour and a half.

Livi is less industrious.  She's the queen of procrastination.  She's sitting on the floor of the living room covered by a big green chenille blanket when I stumble upon her.

Me:  "Livi.  Do your work."

Livi: "I'm in hibernation."

Me:  "Get out of hibernation and do your work."

Livi: "But I like hibernation."

Me: "But you can't stay in hibernation.  Do your work."

Livi:  "Maybe next winter..."

Who am I kidding?  I'm not getting anything done today.  Nicky,'s your lucky day.

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