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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break - Is It Over Yet?

Remember when Spring Break meant pack your bikini and strategically hide your weed in a tampon applicator?  I mean...bring your sunscreen?

Now, as a mom, Spring Break consists of finding activities that entertain all three of my children or be endless pummeled all day long with "What are we doing today?"; "Can we go get ice cream now?" and "Are we going to have to sit around all day?"   

I don't remember my parents entertaining me during spring breaks.  In fact, I vividly recall being shipped off to my grandparents in Florida during spring break.  My sister and I - unsupervised minors on the packed morning TWA flight from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale - making our way, parent-less, to irritate other people, who were not my parents.

That's how we did spring break in the 70's.

Now, "Spring Break" consists of my children waking me up every morning (when I "should" be allowed to sleep - since I don't have to take anybody to school) waiting for me to present an acceptable itinerary - like Julie on The Love Boat.

I'd like to know - just what's really so bad about sitting about watching TV, napping and at most adventurous - cleaning a closet or two?

What I wouldn't give for a bikini and some strategically hidden weed.  How many days are left?

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