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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grilled Cheese and Eric Garcetti - What these two things have in common

I'm not political.

Passionate, but not political. 

I don't read enough papers or watch enough news to feel like I can hold my own in a conversation about politics so when people start talking "candidates" for this or that, I shut my lip-glossed mouth and try to look fascinated so people will mistake me for "informed."

Which I'm usually not.  Cuz I'm kinda shallow that way.  After all, we all know, we can't change anything.  Politicians come and go.  They all do the same thing.  Maybe somebody puts up a stop sign somewhere but nothing changes.  Our schools will still be overcrowded; we'll still desperately need teachers; and the traffic will ALWAYS be backed up from LAX to Mulhulland. 

But when I was invited to lunch at Campanile by my (infinitely more informed) friend Daphne Brogdon of to meet Eric Garcetti, one of LA's Mayoral candidates, I accepted.  Mostly because the grilled cheese at Campanile is CRAZY AWESOME and I would drive MILES to eat it! 

Even if it meant tolerating political conversation.  

Me and my super lovely, grilled-cheese-servin' hostess, Daphne - one of the funniest moms I know.  To read about how we met at Comedy Classes at Acme, CLICK HERE.  It's a pretty good story...

But WOW, I was so glad I went.  They lured me into discussions about important city topics using fig and goat cheese as bait - and I bit.

Eric Garcetti - whom the LA Times called "LA's most likeable candidate" - is a three term member of City Council, a Foster Dad, and - more importantly - also really sick and tired of NOTHING ever changing in LA!

Me and Eric Garcetti - LA's "Most Likeable Candidate for Mayor."

He spoke passionately to us about education and tenured teacher issues.  I loved him.   He had an understanding of how to help make our city stronger and was able to show us how if elected he could actually do something about it!  I couldn't help but feel like maybe Los Angeles has a brighter future with this man at our helm. 

So, at the risk of being political and sounding "involved" (Don't worry, I'm not getting "deep" on you) I just want to encourage you to take a look at Eric Garcetti

He just might actually be the key to turning this city and it's schools around. 

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