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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Health Benefits of Pets - Even Guinea Pigs!

Just had to share a great article I read today on HuffPo confirming that pets help children on the Autism spectrum with social skills.

I could have told you this years ago, but I think it's fantastic it's finally been proven.  Even more so because it doesn't specify that the pet has to be a dog.  Not that I don't love dogs.  I grew up with dogs.  But our post-divorce living accommodations are small.

He have guinea pigs.  And we love 'em.  Stinky, smelly, fat and fluffy.  Yes.  A guinea pig is a thing of wonder.  They're the perfect pet.  They're so low on the food chain they have no natural defenses.  That is if you don't all pooping on you a 'defensive strategy.'

(2010) Milo comes home!  So tiny!

Bob loves her piggies.  And they love her back.  In that "Are you feeding me now?  That would be great if you were feeding me now!" kind of way.

And there are lots of pet options.  Just before you plunk down any money anywhere for that purebred Romanian, Red-Crested, Dragon-Headed, Garden Lizard - remember there are SO many abandoned animals who need a good home.  And almost EVERY species of animal has a "Rescue."  Just Google the name of animal you want with the word "Rescue" after it.  Trust me, you'll find one.  Yes, probably even a Romanian, Red-Crested, Dragon-Headed, Garden Lizard.

(2009) Bob and Leo (may he rest in peace.  He was a good pig.  Can't talk about those last weeks...but if you want to READ about them...CLICK HERE)

(2009) Yes...she's wearing a sombrero.  What's she gonna do about it?

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