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Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Because - Chicks in Hats

Ever since we hatched chickens in Mrs. Climan's 4th grade class and Alison Eisenberg's mother let her take home two of the teensy, tiny, fluffy, cheeping chickadees (while my OWN mother denied me the peeping poultry...) I've loved baby chicks.   So, had to share.

Photo Credit: Julie Persons / Barcroft Media via Landov

Want more chicks in hats?   Just go to for "Just Because: 11 Pictures of Chicks in Hats". in MSNBC's morning show.  Apparently they find chicks in hats newsworthy.  And I kind of love them for it.

And if you're wondering, " seem like you'd be such a fun mom!  Would you let your kids bring home baby chicks now?" 

The answer is no.  Absolutely not.  I remember going to Alison's house a few months later and the chickens were full grown.  I thought "Wow.  So glad I didn't get a chicken.  Thems is some ugly *ss birds."

So.  No full grown chickens for our family.

Click HERE for more pictures of chicks in hats.

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