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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mealtime Inspiration

A little mealtime inspiration...courtesy of moi.

"Eat What I (F*cking) Give You!"

You’ll eat what I give you.
Is that too much to ask?
Just a few bites of broccoli
And the milk in your glass.

You’ll eat what I give you.
No, I’m not making toast
I won’t make you grilled cheese,
or heat up some potroast

I will not make you pasta.
You’re pleading is meek.
I’ve made that already
Five times now this week!!

Could you eat what give you???!!!
Just this little bite please…
And stop making that face,
or I swear it’ll freeze.

JUST eat what I give you!
Fine.  Sit here till late.
Don’t hide it!  I see that,
right under your plate!

There's ranch for your veggies,
ketchup for your food,
Maybe salt?  Maybe cheese??
AAAHHH!   I'm not in the mood!

JUST eat what I give you…
A meal that is whole.
Just one bite...a taste…
F*ck it…Get your cereal bowl.

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