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Monday, June 10, 2013

Beverly Hills School Budget Cuts Result In Field Trip to Public Bathrooms

Budget cuts in the Beverly Hills School District's are becoming more and more of a problem.

Last week, children from BHUSD were treated to an educational excursion to a local public restroom.

"It was quite educational I assure you." said an unidentified government official who did take responsibility for the cut-backs.  "The children learned hands on from a city janitor about sanitation, plumbing and basic personal hygiene.

"I'm frustrated" said one school mom.  "Sure potty skills are important, but a trip to a public bathroom?  Ew."

"The district is cutting corners - $6 Million dollars in corners.  We can't afford to keep sending these privileged kids to exotic locations like the California Science Center or the Museum of Natural History.  Those days are over." said an inside source who asked to remain anonymous.  "The folks up in Sacramento say it's time for those kids to man-up and learn how the other half live."

Concerned parents and educators are worried about future cut backs and concerned that bathroom field trips are just the tip of the iceberg.

An agitated mother in carpool lane commented on the budget cuts "First the district threatens to cut art and music.  Now the kids take field trips to the bathroom?  Do they need a pass to go?  What's happened to Beverly Hills?"

The school district is currently desperately struggling to make up for the funds so they can continue the threatened necessary programs and avoid next year's rumored trip to the LA River.

Donations can be sent to BHUSD main office.

(For everyone having a coronary, please be advised that while the cutbacks are very real, the rest of this article is totally fictitious.  I am just having fun with a picture from my kid's recent field trip to Knott's Berry Farms which was oddly taken in front of the Restroom). 

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