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Want to contact me?  Don't be shy.

I love to hear my readers stories, thoughts and ideas!  Feel free to e-mail me at sarah(at)sarahmaizes(dot)com.

ADVERTISING / PARTNERSHIPS:  If you are interested in affiliations, partnerships, sponsoring a giveaway, or advertising on "Mommy Lite," please use the above e-mail address and use the Subject Line to specify your company name and one of the above categories (i.e. giveaway, advertising, affiliations...or even just Link Love).  "Hi Sarah" in the subject line tends to go directly to Junk Mail (I know....I put it there assuming it's viral.).

REVIEWS: "Mommy LITE" does occassionally post book, product and travel-related reviews but they are always in-line with the wants and needs of our readership.  So I would be grateful if you could please be familiar with the content of the site before contacting me.   FYI, "Mommy Lite" does not do reviews that require SEO keywords, teaser posts, or third party content approval.  Basically, if I can't talk about it in my own words, don't ask me for a review.

Finally, submission of a product for review does not guarantee a review either positive or negative.  "Mommy LITE" has a general "Love it!/Hate it!" policy and I prefer to publish reviews that have a strong angle.

I hope to hear from you.

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