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"The Bridesmaid's Guerrilla Handbook" by Sarah Stein (that's me) and Lucy Talbot
"Got Milf? The Modern Mom's Guide to Rockin' a Minivan - March 2011 (Berkley)

ARTICLES (just a few of my faves) - The New Parenting Fad: Detachment Parenting! - Jayden, Jasper or Jumanji: What Your Child's Name Says About You! - Daughter Has Olympic Dreams, But Does Mom? - "Can Moms Be Hot?" - June 2011 - "Behind the Scenes of The Today Show" - June 2011
Huffington Post: How to be a MILF - May 2011 
Huffington Post:  10 Tips For Being a Happy Mom
Huffington Post: Is There a Cure For Divorce?

Los Angeles Magazine, Feature - October 2011 - "Mine are Just Right"
Los Angeles Magazine, Feature -September 2010 - "Normal?  Not Her Izzy" - "So Long Skinny Genes" - "My Child has Autism and it's Awesome" - "September Showers bring Ex and Flowers...but Not for Me" - "Hello? It's Lice Calling..." - "Singin' in the Bathtub" - "Frolicking 101" (Feature - Full Article) - "Frolicking 101" (Front Page Feature - Excerpted from HybridMom) (by Yahoo) - "One Flakey Fairy" (by Yahoo) - "A Star is Born on the Internet...Literally) (by Yahoo) - "My Toilet is a Booby Trap" (by Yahoo) - "It's Not a Party Till the Small Boy Barfs"

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