Finding the funny in parenthood before somebody loses an eye...

Why Lite'N Up?

As moms, dads, aunts, uncles, teachers, nannies, whatever...we all know that taking care of kids takes a sense of humor. If you can't “lighten up", you'll never survive.

Hence, “Mommy Lite” was born.

Life is heavy. As the divorced, single mother of a child with Asperger's Syndrome and VERY unexpected boy/girl twins, I have learned to “lighten up.” And, since I can't have you all over for cocktails to swap stories of flying poop, mutiny, and needless head banging (my son…but sometimes me), I encourage all of you to share the parenting stories, quips and observations that make you laugh.

No long-winded stories of hardship, no dragged out tales of tears. Mommy Lite is a dose of humor to lighten your spirit – if only for a moment - and to remind you that this time is short, childhood is brief, and that you were that stupid once too.

So, if you are prepared to lighten up, (or are even just thinking about lightening up), Mommy Lite is for you!

Read, enjoy and laugh.



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